10th December, 2021

Senceive and Murphy Geospatial Crowned Winners at the New Civil Engineer Tunnelling Festival Awards 2021

Senceive and Murphy Geospatial Crowned Winners at the New Civil Engineer Tunnelling Festival Awards 2021

Senceive and Murphy Geospatial was announced as the deserving winner of the Innovation in Instrumentation & Monitoring at the NCE’s Tunnelling Festival Awards 2021.

The Tunnelling Festival brought together our Tunnelling Summit and Tunnelling Awards participants into one exciting event.

In a glittering ceremony held at Leonardo Royal London Tower Bridge, London on 8 December, individuals and organisations across the tunnelling industry were honoured across 13 categories in a night of recognition dedicated to celebrating exceptional achievement.

Following a rigorous judging process, Senceive and Murphy Geospatial emerged as the winner of Innovation in Instrumentation & Monitoring for their work on Regent’s Crescent Redevelopment – Monitoring Jubilee Line Tunnels.

The judges complimented them on a very good approach. They particularly like the ease with which the sensors can be placed without needing hard wire connections. The individual elements are not new but bringing them together as a solution is innovative. A good consideration of possible alternatives to solve the challenging problem of installing and managing a monitoring system in an operating environment. Novel solutions found in terms of sensors and communication for a challenging environment combining different solutions. The method has been used on other projects thus bringing benefit to the industry and other projects.  For this application a bespoke solution was developed enabling ground risk and impact on third parties to be measured and managed safely. This nomination showcased how new technology can be adapted and implemented to suit the situation, for the benefit of the project and the customer.

New Civil Engineer editor Claire said:

It is great to see such talent coming forward into the industry. The challenges ahead mean that it is essential that the tunnelling industry continues to attract skilled engineers to join the profession, which why awards like this are so important. The Tunnelling Awards celebrates your success and acknowledges a high technical excellence standard delivered by all candidates.”

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