6th July, 2022

Murphy Geospatial to Sponsor Survey Ireland Conference 2022

Murphy Geospatial to Sponsor Survey Ireland Conference 2022

At Murphy Geospatial, we’re proud to be a driving force for education, collaboration and development in our industry. As part of those efforts, we’re constantly attending and supporting events that proliferate knowledge and bring new ideas to the forefront. We’re pleased to announce that later this year, we will be sponsoring the Survey Ireland Conference 2022 at Dunboyne Castle.

With over 150 delegates and exhibitors, the event is Ireland’s largest conference for professionals in the Geomatic Surveying field. The full day conference will feature an array of leading speakers from inside and outside of the industry, sharing insights, opinions and more on the latest field developments. Hosted annually, this popular event is organised by the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland, an essential organisation for anyone looking to establish or expand their career or business in the surveying industry.

This year we’re sponsoring the Survey Ireland Conference lunch session – an opportunity for all in attendance to come together over a delicious meal and begin what we’re sure will be some transformative discussions. The event will not only provide a space for exhibitors to showcase their offering, but it will also give students in the geospatial field a chance to experience some of industry’s greatest minds, no doubt providing limitless inspiration.

The event will kick off the autumn season, commencing for a full day on 21st September 2022 between 9am and 4pm. With Dunboyne House Hotel in County Meath as the backdrop, the conference is set to be one well worth visiting.

Learn more about the Survey Ireland Conference and get tickets today by visiting their website here.