27th October, 2021

Murphy Geospatial sponsors the BIM Coordinators Summit

Murphy Geospatial sponsors the BIM Coordinators Summit

Murphy Geospatial is proud to be joining the BIM Coordinators Summit as Gold sponsor.

The BIM Coordinators Summit will be hosted virtually on 28th October to “celebrate” BIM Coordinators, BIM Managers, Information Managers and AEC professionals who take on responsibility to produce, manage and coordinate “information” about buildings and infrastructure. “The Heroes of AEC” (architecture, engineering, construction).

Key topics include information management for:

• Strategic Project Planning and Consultancy
• Appointing Parties (asset owners, clients, employers)
• Appointed Parties (construction stage)
• Appointed Parties (post-construction and asset management or operations stage)
• Technology & Interoperability
• “The Golden Thread” (compliance & checking)
• Post-Construction / Asset Management
• Building “Digital” Competency (education)

The event will also be announcing “BIM Heroes” from a list of BIM Coordinators, BIM Managers, BIM Authors (designers), Information Managers, Project Managers, Cost Managers, Asset Owners or Managers, who have been recognised and appreciated for their contribution to the AEC built-environment sector. The heroes will be awarded the “Hero” token of appreciation. View the nominees here.

Full details about the event available here

We have recently released our BIM guidelines document. View it here.

For more information on Murphy Geospatial’s BIM expertise and services, click here.