22nd October, 2021

Murphy Geospatial Takes on Company-Wide Kilometres Challenge to Raise Funds for Charity

Murphy Geospatial Takes on Company-Wide Kilometres Challenge to Raise Funds for Charity

As a company committed to supporting our community, Murphy Geospatial is thrilled to announce the success of our summer charity challenge, taken on by the whole organisation. Designed to raise money for the Centrepoint, the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity, and the Children’s Health Foundation, everyone really gave their all to make a positive impact.

With our Ireland, UK and Omega teams coming together to raise funds, we are extremely proud of everyone’s commitment to such a worthy cause. The challenge was simple: each team would clock up as many kilometres as possible on their mobile, watch or pedometer trackers.

We divided everyone into mixed teams to give our diverse sectors the chance to get to know each other better. From there, our staff were able to choose from a variety of exercises to clock up the most mileage, including walking, running and cycling. Every Monday morning, a weekly leaderboard shared the progress so far, skyrocketing our competitive spirit with each new statistic.

While the thought of beating their fellow colleagues may have been a strong driving force, our teams grew increasingly passionate about raising as much money as possible for our chosen charities. Centrepoint  is an organisation dedicated to helping vulnerable homeless young people in need, helping them to create a more positive future. Crumlin Children’s Hospital is Ireland’s largest paediatric hospital, committed to saving the lives of children every day. We’ll be donating some of the funds to the Children’s Health Foundation to support the great work they do to support families, provide equipment and make research possible.

As well as donating to take part, a prize raffle was also held to boost the final pot. Murphy Geospatial pledged to match all donations made by colleagues throughout the company, adding to the total amount raised.

The winners of the Kilometres Challenge were as follows:


1st – Cormac Daly & Conor Mulholland – 634.64 kms
2nd – Paraic Quirke & Tim Pickering – 598.8 kms
3rd – Ger Cowman & Kai Dubbert – 486.03 kms


1st  – Raymond Murphy & Ivo Homola – 3160.63 kms
2nd – Louie Rito & Ciuc Catalin – 3030.29 kms
3rd – David Graham & John Richardson – 2546.13 kms


1st – Roisin Nic Coil, Rosemary Adamson, Gisela Laureiro, Luis Gaio = 1095.16 kms
2nd – Ancuta – Valentina Rotaru, JP Kelly, Jan Stanicek, Lais Duran = 842.92 kms
3rd – Nathalia Rosa, Alan Murray, Karel Fabel, Cath Hartmans = 841.52 kms

The company travelled 20,991 kilometres throughout the month of August which equals to travelling to Vietnam and back from our Kilcullen office!

About Children’s Health Foundation Crumlin

Children’s Health Foundation Crumlin, formerly CMRF Crumlin, was originally set up to provide vital funding to paediatric research, which was and remains utterly underfunded. This is an area which is considered a beacon of hope to hundreds of thousands of families who face weeks, months and often years of disruption and challenge due to childhood illness, disease or disability right across the world. Research is a global effort to find better treatments and cures, management and preventative strategies.

We also provide critical supports and funding to sick children from all over Ireland who attend CHI Crumlin for diagnosis, treatment, and care on their patient journey. Each year at least 120,000 children attend Crumlin for critical care and support.

We have three core goals, our Pillars. Funding initiatives, research and projects that will:

• Save young lives

• Improve the quality of life for children living with childhood disease or illness

• Enhance patient experience and brighten sick children’s days

About Centrepoint

• Centrepoint is the leading charity for homeless young people aged 16-25.

• Centrepoint operates nationally, with bases in London, Manchester, the North East and Yorkshire.

• Centrepoint supports 15,000 vulnerable young people a year by providing accommodation, teaching valuable life skills, tackling their physical and mental health issues and working with them to get them into education or employment.

• The Freephone Centrepoint Helpline is available for any young person aged 16-25 worried about   homelessness. It is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

• The Centrepoint Helpline number is: 0808 800 0661.

• HRH The Duke of Cambridge became Centrepoint’s Patron in 2005.

• For more information, please visit www.centrepoint.org.uk