Property Surveys

Our property surveys provide up-to-date data, negating bad or old information, to give you the confidence you need to make important decisions about your investment.


Murphy Geospatial have over 37 years’ experience delivering quality survey services. We find our clients lean on this experience when deciding the best approach for capturing data for their projects. We can advise on the benefits and value of our property surveys and the most appropriate approach depending on the planned future for your building whether it is a sale, change in use, retrofit etc. We will consult with our clients to understand their technical requirements and budgets before recommending a course of action. 

End-to-end consultancy and project management means that Murphy Geospatial will provide our clients with professional liaison at every stage in the project. Our clients for property surveys typically include property managers, commercial clients, receivers, and legal professionals. 

Using our people, process, and latest technology, underpinned by our GeoCert™ platform, we provide geospatial certainty in building surveys for our clients. For more information, view our Building Surveying partner, Omega Surveying Services. 

Murphy Geospatial have built up a wealth of technical knowledge in Property Surveys. Our Measured Building Surveys are highly accurate, as-built surveys carried out on residential and commercial premises. The surveys can be carried out before, during and/or after construction projects for verification, record purposes, area calculations and to identify any variations from original plans or from design drawings. This is a very important requirement for the property sector, especially for change of use or “fit outs” of existing commercial office blocks or manufacturing plants.

Upon receipt of an enquiry, Murphy Geospatial will liaise with you to determine your exact requirements. This consultative approach ensures that the best outcome is always achieved by our clients while maximising the value of our serviceOur experienced teams utilise 3D laser scanners and Total Stations linked to tablet PCs to bring the real-world building environment into the 3D virtual sphere.  

Once the site information has been gathered and verified our experienced processing staff ensure that the highest quality deliverables are extracted from the data. Our surveys can be supplied in a variety of formats including CAD, point cloud and BIM. Point cloud data from laser scanners can be supplied quickly in an interactive web-hosted format giving the client instant access to inspect the raw data dimensionally and extract measurements. 

Many clients require a BIM deliverable to form the basis for their BIM driven design solutions. The specification of the BIM model will be set by the “Level of Detail” required by the client. The level of detail can vary from LOD100 (basic) to LOD500 (conservation level). The BIM model can contain the internal areas, external areas (facades) and the topographical survey information in the one model which can be manipulated and form the basis for the client’s design model. 

On-going investments in the latest technologies enable Murphy Geospatial to reduce costs and lower risks for our clients. Measured Building Survey data can be delivered in almost real-time, depending on requirements, due to efficient site survey procedures and the latest processing routines. New technologies reduce the impact of the survey on the users of the office space when carried out in a live working office environment. Reduced time on site means reduced impact on the residents of the building.

Property Survey 

We are RICS qualified and work to RICS property measurement, 2nd edition, professional statement in line with International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS). We provide independent, precise and timely property survey reports that you can trust to make critical decisions about your investments. 

Area Referencing Surveys 

Area Referencing captures and verifies measurement data, highlighting potential legal problems, so you can address them before you make your property purchase or sale. This helps to de-risk your transaction and reduce exposure to unnecessary costs and stress. Our RICS-qualified service provides timely, independent reports that you can trust to reflect the current measurements of the property, so you’re able to make well-informed decisions today and for the future. Our reports follow the RICS property measurement, 2nd edition, professional statement in line with International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS). Providing transparent and consistent methodology for property measurements worldwide means that we can easily and quickly engage, attract and give sound advice to international clients in a manner that is understood globally.

Rights of Light Survey 

We offer a rights of light survey service to ensure occupiers and developers understand the impact of light from new developments to the surrounding environment. Our surveys provide independent evidence and are delivered in 2D or 3D CAD models, including photography. 

Building Surveying

Murphy Geospatial through our Building Surveying department Omega Surveying Services. Omega offers a full suite of building surveying services that are tailored to suit the needs of individual clients. We offer all the core building surveying services but are recognised as leaders in defect investigation, project management of defect remediation and specialist in legal matters. Combining factual, spatial geo data with reasoned advice allows Murphy Geospatial and Omega to offer clients reassurance and confidence to underpin key decision making.

We can encourage and expand a culture of reliable data-based decision making. The combination of reality capture, digital twin and expert building analysis ensures clients can manage their assets with confidence.

  • As-built / Measured Building Survey (MBS) 
  • Net Internal Area Surveys (NIA) – IPMS 1, 2 and 3 
  • Gross Internal Area Surveys (GIA) 
  • Gross External Surveys (GEA) 
  • Retail Zoning Surveys (ITZA) 
  • Letter of reliance  
  • Lease Plans 
  • Portfolio management  
  • Right to Light Surveys 
  • Verified views  
  • Asset/ Portfolio management 
  • BIM Models 
  • 2D and 3D CAD Drawings,  
  • 2D Property Plans,  
  • Property Maps,  
  • 3D CAD Wireframes,  
  • Elevated Cross Sections,  
  • Elevations,  
  • PDF Reports and  
  • 360 degree Panoramic Photography. 

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