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Our Property Consultancy department is an experienced team of Chartered Surveyors who are capable of providing advice to a wide range of clients on all things building; priding themselves on understanding our clients’ needs.


Murphy Geospatial has over 39 years of experience in delivering quality survey services. We find our clients lean on this experience when deciding the best approach for capturing data for their projects.

We can advise on the benefits and value of our property surveys as well as the most appropriate approach depending on the planned future for your building; whether it is a sale, change in use, refurbishment etc. We will consult with our clients to understand their technical requirements and budgets before recommending a course of action.

A full lifecycle building surveying consultancy and project management, offered through our Property Consultancy Team, means that Murphy Geospatial will provide our clients with support and high-quality professional advice at every stage in the project.

Our typical clients include Asset and Fund Managers, Building Owners, Landlords, Tenants, Public Bodies, and Construction Professionals.

Using our team of people, process, and latest technology, we provide certainty for our clients. For more information, please contact Diarmuid Murphy at

Murphy Geospatial has built up a wealth of technical knowledge in Property Surveys. Our Measured Building Surveys are highly accurate, as-built surveys carried out on residential and commercial premises. The surveys can be carried out before, during, and/or after construction projects for verification, record purposes, area calculations, and to identify any variations from original plans or from design drawings. This is a very important requirement for the property sector, especially for change of use or “fit-outs” of existing commercial office blocks or manufacturing plants.

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Combining constant investments in the latest technologies with our experienced team, enables Murphy Geospatial Property Consultancy to provide accurate and easy to use information for our clients.

Survey reporting can be carried out in a modern fast-tracked way, meaning we can provide our clients with information at a much faster turnaround than traditional methods,

We take this approach in all aspects within the Property Consultancy team as we aim to drive efficiencies for our clients across the sector.

Building Surveying - Murphy Geospatial

Our focus is to obtain the best value for your organisation, whilst providing creative solutions for the refurbishment and extension of existing buildings as well as the construction of new buildings. Full multi-disciplinary team commitment can be provided by involvement and management of sub-consultants to meet your specific needs,  including value engineering to maximise project achievement.

Our experience covers the entire range of building types, from modern offices to listed buildings, and extends to Local Authority consents.

We offer the following services:

  • Site inspection and detailed feasibility study
  • Preparation of preliminary and detailed designs
  • Engagement of the right team if additional specialist input is required
  • Preparation of budget costs and cost management throughout the project
  • Assessment of statutory requirements and the need for applications
  • Preparing statutory applications for building control and planning
  • Preparing specifications of work and the tender package
  • Oversee the works through to completion
  • Draw up and administer the contract through to completion
  • Undertake all certification under the contract, such as payments


When taking an instruction, we can also advise on the need for a Principal Designer under the The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, a service which we offer.

Property survey - Murphy Geospatial

Defect Analysis

With our experience of typical construction techniques and defects, we are able to undertake defect analysis surveys to identify any issue a property may be suffering from.

We offer detailed analytical reports following the investigation and diagnosis of building defects, which include recommendations for ongoing monitoring, further investigation, outline specifications, and strategy of repairs.

Where required, we can administer repair contracts or act as an expert witness for the Courts.

Schedules of Condition

For many clients, a peace of mind survey to identify the current condition is required and we are capable of providing this service to all types of buildings, including heritage structures.

These can also be used prior to a lease agreement as a record of the condition of the building or space at a specific point in time and can be referred back to at the end of a lease.

We often find that clients want repairs priced and we can include this in our service to ensure the client is able to plan works.


Pre-purchase surveys offer clients an insight into the existing condition, risk, and liabilities associated with a potential acquisition.

We are experienced in providing sound advice to a range of commercial clients with many stakeholders.

Apartment block - Murphy Geospatial

Murphy Geospatial Property Consultancy can offer experienced advice on dilapidations claims for both landlords and tenants. We are able to follow the claim through to a conclusion to satisfy our clients’ legal obligations with professionalism.

We take the hassle out of what can be a complex legal negotiation and provide the client with comfort that their obligations are being handled.

Dilapidations - Murphy Geospatial

The need to understand expenditure liability to simply maintain an asset is crucial for many clients as this aids budget planning for years in advance. The Property Consultancy department is experienced in carrying out PPM Schedules for a range of clients such as asset managers, independent collages, private estates, local authorities, and framework contractors.

We are able to provide detailed inspections and costing advice based on similar instructions from across the UK.

Planned and preventative - Murphy Geospatial

A Due diligence survey is a more widespread investigation of an asset prior to any potential purchase. It gives a client greater peace of mind on what liabilities are involved with a potential transaction.

A pre-acquisition survey forms part of these investigations but at Murphy Geospatial Property Consultancy, we are able to offer this detailed service to all clients wishing to invest in property.

Due Diligence Surveys - Murphy Geospatial

Many clients are not familiar with the extent of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 and we look to provide clear guidance when offering this service.

This can sometimes be a complicated legal and time-sensitive issue that we are well versed in, however, we can certainly provide clear and reasoned advice to best discharge the requirements of the act, thus allowing a project to move forward.

Property Consultancy - Murphy Geospatial

New tenants are often looking at maximising the space they invest in and, often, they require approval to alter the space either structurally or superficially. We at Murphy Geospatial are frequently asked to provide a review of the proposals to ensure both parties have met their obligations and that a Licence to Alter can be issued under the lease.

Property Consultancy - Murphy Geospatial

Clients regularly look to us to be their eyes and ears on the ground when it comes to large scale tenant fit-outs; this allows our client to have peace of mind in terms of the works on site.

This can be from a health and safety aspect, a legal aspect, quality of fit-out point of view, or with the aim of ensuring the asset is not impaired in any way.

We carry out our duties with honesty and integrity to ensure trust is built with all parties.

Client monitoring - Murphy Geospatial

Area Referencing captures and verifies measurement data, highlighting potential legal problems, so you can address them before you make your property purchase or sale. This helps to de-risk your transaction and reduce exposure to unnecessary costs and stress. Our RICS-qualified service provides timely, independent reports that you can trust to reflect the current measurements of the property, so you’re able to make well-informed decisions today and for the future. Our reports follow the RICS property measurement, 2nd edition, professional statement in line with International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS). Providing transparent and consistent methodology for property measurements worldwide means that we can easily and quickly engage, attract and give sound advice to international clients in a manner that is understood globally.

We offer a rights of light survey service to ensure occupiers and developers understand the impact of light from new developments to the surrounding environment. Our surveys provide independent evidence and are delivered in 2D or 3D CAD models, including photography. 

Property Consultancy - Murphy Geospatial

We are in a unique position at Murphy Geospatial Property Consultancy, as we are able to offer digitised condition information to our clients in one place; this can be collated and an accurate picture of an asset can be provided. Particularly helpful for clients who manage large portfolios, this offering can help decision making with visual aids backed up with traditional reporting.

Building surveying - Murphy Geospatial

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