Murphy Geospatial Portal (GS)

Having easy access to data is key to the efficient and successful management of projects. The Murphy Geospatial Portal (GS) creates a single source of truth for your projects data.


The Murphy Geospatial Portal was designed to give more control over projects to clients and stakeholders. The Portal is a cloud-based visualisation platform that allows access to a projects data from any geographical location, from any device. Designed with the end user in mind, it enables collaboration with an unlimited number of users in a visual and efficient way at all stages of the project’s lifecycle. 

With the ability to upload various file types and viewers of any size, the Portal give full oversight during all phases of a project and removes the barriers created by previous data management. 

  • Overview of projects across lifecycle
  • Single source of truth for projects
  • Easy access to complex data for all levels of users
  • High security of the data
  • Maximise the value of Geospatial data
  • Confidence in decision making through accurate data

Combining our near 40 years’ industry experience with our Geospatial Consultant services, Murphy Geospatial have developed expert skills within the Geospatial Management sector. By advising clients at all stages of the project and combining this with our existing survey services and Portal, Murphy GS shall aid clients in developing a single source of truth for their project data and provide geospatial certainty for the life cycle of the assets. 

The Portal will allow for the upload of data in various formats, whether that be drawings and PDF’s or 3D spatial data collected through laser scanning and surveys, all fully embedded into our secure, cloud-based platform and managed by clients alongside Geospatial Consultants, giving the client full control over when and with whom to share their data. 

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According to Interact Source, 19.8 % of business time – the equivalent of one day per working week – is wasted by employees searching for information to do their job effectively.

IDC data shows that “the knowledge worker spends about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of the workday, searching for information.

Combine project files and captured reality directly into the Portal to enable better project oversight and management. The Portal puts the control in the user’s hands and provides geospatial and project certainty. 

  • Reliable, accurate data and reduces the risks associated with project execution. 
  • Control oversight for the full project life cycle, negating the risk of errors and project delays. 
  • Reduces the costs and downtime associated with rework, site revisits and field changes. 
  • A single, shared knowledge source improves collaboration, communication and workflows. 
  • Highly detailed data improves decision-making and engineering designs. 
  • Geospatial Consulting through the duration of the project 

Cloud based, secure hosting and visualisation of the following: 

  • Leica Truviews. 
  • Matterport Indoor Viewers. 
  • BIM 360. 
  • 360 Photos with GPS Location Data. 
  • Raster files: TIFF, JPG, PNG. 
  • Vector Files: Shapefile, DWG, DXF, Geopackage and more. 

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