Our infrastructure inspection services provide detailed observations and the repeatable geospatial data needed to allow asset owners and engineers to make maintenance decisions with certainty. As part of our inspection services we inspect bridges, tunnels, marine structures, and buildings.


At Murphy Geospatial we combine the strengths of our survey experience with engineering experience to offer a highly valued service to our clients. We have built up a team of specially trained surveyors and infrastructure inspectors to capture geospatial data in difficult-to-access areas. In particular, we have developed workflows to become experts in bridge scour inspections, leveraging off our experience in hydrographic surveying to become a trusted partner to major infrastructure operators. 

Road, rail, canal, port and harbour infrastructure are vitally important to maintain transport links and assist the movement of people and goods to support our economy. Our transport networks are made up of bridges, tunnels, culverts and marine structures. These structures must be inspected regularly to assess their integrity in sometimes harsh and demanding environments. Inspection is a key part of maintaining a safe level of service while maximising the return on investment for asset owners who take a life-cycle view of their assets. 

Bridge inspection surveys

Murphy Geospatial combine specially trained, experienced staff with the capture of repeatable, verified geospatial data to build and maintain a reliable database for asset geometry and condition. This method is a deviation from traditional subjective visual inspection and promotes data-driven analytical predictive maintenance operations while maintaining accepted inspection standardsThis approach, combined with our cloud datahosting platform, enables asset owners to build a reliable single source of truth for their asset information. Cyclical inspection records are saved in a single accessible database, enabling easy retrieval of current and historical records.

Our staff of engineers and surveyors are trained in rope access working, confined space working and commercial diving permitting thorough inspection of difficult to access and submerged structures. We consult with our clients to determine their needs and use a combination of our people, process and technology to deliver the most comprehensive dataset possible.

Bridge inspection surveys

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is used as a low-cost solution to determine information on structural elements in-lieu of costly destructive methods. Murphy Geospatial use high-resolution ground-penetrating radar (GPR) and non-destructive testing (NDT) to safely locate embedment within structures and assess the steel reinforcement layout for design and construction purposes. The depth, size and cover of the rebar and post-tensioned cables is mapped prior to a contractor drilling, cutting or coring in floor slabs, walls or concrete columns, avoiding costly damage and delay to projects.

  • Visual, general, principal and special inspections 
  • Structural inspections (bridges, tunnels, culverts, weirs, lock chambers, quays, piers, jetties) 
  • Underwater and riverbed inspections 
  • Scour inspections 
  • Postflood event inspections checking against baseline inspections
  • Emergency Flood Monitoring 24/7 
  • Aerial inspections 
  • Concrete inspection  
  • Structural inspection  
  • Tank surveys and inspection 
  • Validation and verification preduring and postconstruction 
Hydrographic surveys culvert inspections
  • Inspection reports  
  • Topographical survey detailing precise structural geometry 
  • Riverbed levels for detection of scour 
  • Visualisation of riverbed level change over time 
  • Photographic record of defects 
  • Asset inventory database 
  • Long- and short-term structural health monitoring 
Hydrographic Surveys Sonar

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