Topographical, 3D Laser scan, Sub surface utility & roof survey of beverage production facility

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Survey of beverage production facility - Murphy Geospatial

Project Details

To provide the Design Team with detailed 3D model, topographical survey of surrounding area and sub surface utility drawing showing all underground services. This geospatial data was needed to start design work on a proposed extension to a highly complex beverage production facility.
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Murphy Geospatial assembled an experienced team to complete this work. Ground based Topographical survey teams and Sub surface surveying teams worked together externally. The Laser scanning team captured data inside and outside the facility as required. The UAV team flew over the roof of the facility to capture inaccessible/ nonvisible data and this was combined with the other laser scan data to complete the 3d models.



Early engagement was key to understand exactly what the client required. A detailed discussion and a full review of the specification was critical.


Careful planning was required to execute the site works. Access was arranged to the site as well as ATC permission for the UAV flight. Processing of data was also planned and broken down into stages in line with the client’s design schedule.


The works were executed within the allotted time frame with an agreed staged delivery of data.


The following was delivered to the client:

  • 3D topo surface model of the site
  • 3D Revit model (LOD300) of the required external and internal areas of the facility
  • 3D Sub surface drawing of all underground utilities located within the area.  


Expectations were met and the client could proceed with the design stage of the project.



For more information, please contact JP Kelly in our Cork office on 021-4895704 or by email

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    Cork, Ireland

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Aerial or UAV Surveys

Aerial / UAV Surveys

Whitehall Building Information Modelling (BIM)


Topographical Surveys - Murphy Geospatial

Topographical Surveys

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Laser Scanning

Subsurface Investigation and Mapping

Subsurface Investigation

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