Structural Analysis of Euston Station, London

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Project summary:

As part of HS2 and other future works, significant changes and improvements are undergoing at Euston Station. In order for structural works to be undertaken, it is vital that the current construction information is known.

The brief:

Murphy Geospatial was requested to determine the construction details of numerous structural elements on-site. This included walls, slabs, beams, and columns.

These works were part of a larger set of works that Murphy Geospatial were undertaking on-site including utility surveys, laser scanning and BIM.

The challenges:

Due to the nature of the building, no significant intrusive works could be undertaken, thus, the majority of the information had to be obtained non-intrusively.

Our work:

Murphy Geospatial used high-frequency ground penetrating radar (GPR) to non-intrusively map the construction details, including reinforcement layouts and depths, thickness, the presence of voids, and any variations therein. All required elements were scanned, typically on orthogonal grids.

Our team:

The team was led by our Geospatial consultant for GPR and inspections. They specialise in developing tailored non-destructive techniques to image the subsurface of structures. His expertise and knowledge make him ideal to provide solutions to client’s problems and allow him to undertake unique surveys to map features in the subsurface by utilising existing technology.


All of the collected site data was analysed, and the identified construction details were presented in a written report with radargrams and AutoCAD drawings. The report laid out the construction details of each element and how they tied into the surrounding elements. From the information provided, targeted intrusive works were undertaken (by others) to confirm details and commence further testing.

This allowed the client to calculate the capacity of the elements and the whole structure with minimum intrusive works and disruption to the station.


For more information on this project, please contact Andy Kitson at or +44 203 598 3775

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