OPW Flood Relief Schemes – Hydrographic Surveys

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OPW Flood Relief Schemes – Hydrographic Surveys

Project Details

Murphy Geospatial is part of the OPW Lot 1 Framework for Surveying Services which include:

  • Survey Control,
  • Topographic Surveys,
  • Threshold Surveys
  • Channel, Structure and Flood Defence Surveys and
  • Post-flood Recording Surveys

Murphy Geospatial is proud to have delivered over 20 projects through the framework to assist the development of critical flood relief schemes around the Republic of Ireland. Our certified data is used to inform and build flood models so that the impact of future storm events can be predicted, helping to plan and design appropriate relief measures in some of the most affected towns and villages in the country. We have built on the experience gained from undertaking the CFRAMS project in the early 2010s to efficiently deliver the most comprehensive hydrographic survey data for our clients.


Our Hydrographic Surveying teams are trained in manual handling, boat operations, use of specialist surveying equipment (including GNSS and sonar), first aid, and confined space working. Combining these specialist skills with our ability to record high-quality, repeatable geospatial data means that our teams are ideally suited to deliver these projects with certainty.



Framework projects are defined in Supplementary Requests for Tender (SRFT) issued by the OPW or local authorities. Building on our experience in delivering the CFRAM project and the Lot 1 projects to date, where necessary we engage with the client to clarify requirements to ensure there is no ambiguity in the project scope to ensure the desired project outcome is achieved.


Upon award of the contract, Murphy Geospatial coordinate with multiple stakeholders to ensure all necessary preparations are made. Method statements and GIS work packs are prepared for site teams. Health and Safety of our staff and the public is our top priority and each watercourse is assessed individual to determine the specific risks.


Our experienced hydrographic surveying and topographic surveying crews mobilise to undertake the works in accordance with the SRFT. Job packs are prepared to arm the field staff with all details required to ensure the data is collected in the correct location. The field teams understand the ultimate use of the field data and use their experience to capture additional data that might not have been foreseen in the effort to build the most accurate flood model possible.


Murphy Geospatial use CAD and GIS workflows to process the field data into the required flood modelling input files. Photos and videos of each cross-section inform the flood modellers of the channel conditions and vegetation. Photos of each property surveyed as part of the threshold surveys are delivered. The workflows have been developed over 10 years and are best in class.


We continue to engage with our clients post-delivery to ensure the project requirements have been met.


We use robust surveying equipment that can withstand the harsh aquatic environments met by our field staff. GNSS technology and total station working in heavily vegetated areas ensure the data is captured to the required accuracy. Boat working is undertaken in deeper channels using sonar methods.


For more information on this project, please contact Paraic Quirke at pquirke@murphygs.ie

  • Client

    Local Authorities and Office of Public Works

  • Sector/Market

    Natural Environment

  • Services

    Hydrographic Surveys

  • Location

    Various locations, Ireland

Services Used

Hydrographic Surveys

Hydrographic Surveys

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OPW Flood Relief Schemes – Hydrographic Surveys

Hydrographic Surveys

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OPW Flood Relief Schemes – Hydrographic Surveys