Eccles Heath Structure Survey

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Project Details

Eccles Heath Bridge (ETN 1613) is a three-span overbridge (7.5T) carrying a single lane road over the up and down lines of ETN Ely to Norwich (non-electrified route). Following an incident in December 2017, where a vehicle collided with the existing parapets, the bridge has been closed to road traffic. Installation of new compliant parapets was not feasible, thus, full superstructure replacement was required The initial works were to carry out a track alignment and road survey for the bridge. This was subsequently extended to include a topographical survey of an adjacent field to be used as a site compound. Finally, we were commissioned to locate and mark the location of buried services within the field in order to facilitate the planning of heavy lifting works.


Murphy Geospatial have a long experience working in the rail environment and are fully conversant in Network Rail Standards and Procedures.  The brief for these works was governed by strict adherence to these requirements, together with the requirement to complete the survey within the restricted time access available.  A team of rail survey specialists in topographical surveys, laser scanning and sub-surface utility surveyors, together with our 3D modellers was designated to this project.



Whilst the Network Rail standards are clearly defined, we worked closely with the client to determine the exact deliverables and the most practical and cost-efficient format.


Given the restrictions on access it was important to plan the right blend of experienced personnel with the latest equipment sufficient to complete the works with contingency available to allow for possible delays.


The works were executed according to plan


The following items were issued

Detailed survey report to NR/L2/TRK/3100 standard to include witness diagrams, schedule of control, traverse and level diagrams and accuracy obtained.
Digital data a) Registered point cloud data in scanworld, combined and unified database outputs (*.IMP files), and *.POD files. b) 3D Wire frame model (Microstation .dgn) – topographical data extraction from point cloud including utilities tracing and plotting in 3D.


Initial expectations were met and the client subsequently commissioned further works on the project.



For more information on this project, please contact Anton Ricks at

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    J. Murphy and Sons

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    Digital ConstructionRail SurveysTopographical Surveys

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    J. Murphy and Sons, UK

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Digital Construction - Murphy Geospatial

Digital Construction

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Rail Surveys

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