MEP As-Built BIM Verification, London

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MEP As-Built BIM Verification, London - Murphy Geospatial

Project summary:

Full 3D laser scan of the site at near project completion status.

Re-modelling of client architectural and structural models in Autodesk Revit.

Federation of numerous sub-consultant MEP as-built models and clash detection of all Architectural, Structural, and MEP elements.

Verification and checking of sub-consultant MEP models for accuracy and the reporting of all discrepancies utilising point-cloud dataset.

MEP As-Built BIM Verification, London - Murphy Geospatial

MEP As-Built BIM Verification, London - Murphy Geospatial

The brief:

To provide an accurate model of the existing building and to federate all MEP models into an accurate and singular Revit model deliverable for the end client.

The challenges:

The client’s existing architectural and structural models of the building were supplied in ArchiCAD software; whilst the project deliverable to the end client was required in Autodesk Revit. Therefore, remodelling was required for the architecture and structure model to be supplied native to Autodesk Revit.

Laser scanning of the site was undertaken near project completion; meaning the majority of MEP and internal fit-out was in place at the time of the survey. Much effort was required to ensure as full data coverage as possible.

Our work:

A full 3D laser scan of the building and all installed MEP elements, including the use of an elevated tripod in order to capture as full coverage of ceiling level MEP as possible.

Remodelling of building Architecture and Structure in Autodesk Revit using both the existing model and 3D point-cloud datasets.

Federation of sub-consultant MEP models and alignments of all models to the correct site survey control grid and datum.

Clash detection of MEP and Architecture and Structure models as well as the reporting of all identified clashes to the tolerances outlined in the project’s BIM Execution Plan (BEP).

Manual verification of MEP models against 3D point-cloud data and utilisation of Autodesk Navisworks to highlight all discrepancies in the form of saved viewpoints and associated descriptive comments.

Numerous iterations of verification were undertaken following consultant model amendments and reporting on the ongoing accuracy of the supplied models through to project completion.

Our team:

x3 person laser-scan site team for the capture of a comprehensive 3D point-cloud dataset.

x4 BIM technicians for the production of an Architectural or Structural Revit model, MEP model federation, and all clash-detection and verification work.


End-client received a fully federated and verified Revit model containing all Architecture, Structure, and MEP. Discrepancies contained within the MEP models, were reported to the client and amended prior to the final delivery to the end client.


For more information on this project, please contact Jonathan Butler at or +44 203 598 3775

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    M+W Group

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    Laser ScanningBIM

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    London, UK

Services Used

Laser Scanning - Murphy Surveys UK

Laser Scanning

Whitehall Building Information Modelling (BIM)


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