21st June, 2022

Sergio Gutierrez Requejo Celebrates 10th Anniversary at Murphy Geospatial

Sergio Gutierrez Requejo Celebrates 10th Anniversary at Murphy Geospatial

At Murphy Geospatial, we’re proud to offer a positive work environment that promotes growth, ambition and loyalty. Since these efforts are demonstrated best by our exceptional teams, it’s important for us to celebrate the milestones they achieve. This week we’re excited to announce the 10th anniversary of Sergio Gutierrez Requejo, our valued Sales Consultant who has dedicated a decade of his career to our mission.

Back in 2012, Sergio had only been in London for a grand total of three weeks before he began his journey at Murphy Geospatial. He was thrown in at the deep end and got to work straight away at our Crossrail site in Farringdon, starting out as an Assistant Surveyor. As time passed by, Sergio climbed the ranks of the surveying ladder and is now proud to be our Sales Consultant for Digital Construction and Monitoring.

We stopped by for a chat to find out how he’s feeling about his anniversary, taking time to reflect on the memories and celebrate his achievements so far.

“Being at Murphy Geospatial has been the best working experience I’ve had in my life to date. The issues faced here are the same as anywhere else, but the way the company has treated me has been like no other. I love feeling valued, and here, my feelings are taken into account.

While working at Murphy Geospatial, Sergio has tackled a vast range of projects and produced incredible results for our clients. As a business, we’re proud to have such a capable, innovative and passionate employee who gives his all to our vision. Sergio’s talent and commitment is an example to all aspiring surveyors and consultants, and we’d like to wish him luck as he begins another decade at the company.

If you’d like to learn more about Sergio’s journey and collect some key insights on his career so far, click here to watch the full interview!