2nd March, 2022

Chief Strategy Officer Raymond Murphy Presents Award at TU Dublin’s Student Showcase

Chief Strategy Officer Raymond Murphy Presents Award at TU Dublin’s Student Showcase

One of our key company commitments at Murphy Geospatial is to support the growth and development of the next generation, empowering them to enter careers in the geospatial sphere. To fulfil this aim, our Chief Strategy Officer, Raymond Murphy, was pleased to give a short speech and present an award at TU Dublin’s student excellence showcase a few weeks ago.

The Technological University Dublin is a forward-thinking institution that delivers education and research for the future. The student showcase and excellence awards focused on the Geospatial Surveying department, a geographic science course that hones high-demand skills for the modern world. As a leading business delivering geospatial certainty across asset and project lifecycles, we were proud to sponsor and present the prize for Best Dissertation.

The prestigious award was given to Rose Pearson, a promising graduate who achieved the highest result for her dissertation titled ‘Analysis of the Vertical Movement of Active GNSS Stations as a Result of Semidiurnal Tides’, which she presented at the 10th AIT international conference in September 2021. Previous to this title, Rose was also awarded the ESRI student prize for the highest student grade awarded in sspl3007 Advanced GIS and Modelling in 2020. As part of this, she created a story map using ArcGIS online, showcasing her experiences as a Geomatics student.

We caught up with Raymond to find out more about the event:

“I really enjoyed my time at TU Dublin’s student showcase. Seeing such potential in the next generation of geospatial surveyors was certainly inspiring, and I look forward to seeing how they enhance our industry in the years to come.”

At Murphy Geospatial, we will continue to do what we can to support the future of geospatial development by working closely with such important educational institutions and partners.