11th March, 2021

Murphy Geospatial is hiring, various roles available

Murphy Geospatial is hiring, various roles available

Murphy Geospatial is expanding and looking for new recruits across the business.

This is your opportunity to work for one of the leading geomatics company in the UK and Ireland, with over 40 years’ experience in capturing, collating, verifying and governing geospatial data across the project lifecycle.

Why work for us?

  • Learning and growth
    Offering a range of services across the construction lifecycle, we support and develop our people to explore their career path and gain a breadth of experience and skills across our business. 

  • Cutting edge technology
    Investment in the latest technology and innovative techniques are the key to our success. A career with Murphy Geospatial will allow you to get hands-on experience with the best tools and insights in the business. 

  • Support network
    We pride ourselves on our excellent support network of people who are always eager to help each other. Given the nature of the work we do and the diversity of our people, there is a shared passion for delivering exceptional service.

  • Wellbeing
    We work hard to create a healthy, balanced and happy workplace. Health and safety are at the core of our commitment to our people.

  • Giving back to the community
    We have a strong sense of giving back to the community and continually looking at ways in which to support those in need.

Some of our rewards and recognition

  • Cycle to Work scheme
  • Access to a company vehicle (role dependent)
  • Allowance payments when working away
  • Continuous on-the-job training and development, while working at one of the most experienced, professional, innovative and technically proficient geospatial companies
  • Equality and opportunity: We are fully committed to a policy of equality of opportunity in our employment practices
  • Breadth of experience: We branch across all sectors of industry, giving our staff opportunities to gain a broad base of knowledge and experience
  • And more!

Full list on individual vacancy pages.

View our careers page here and apply now!