31st May, 2022

Only One Earth: Geospatial Data Makes the World a Better Place

Only One Earth: Geospatial Data Makes the World a Better Place

In the modern age, it’s never been more important to focus on our environmental impact, the sustainability of our societies and the footprint we leave behind on Earth. With a climate crisis looming and wreaking global havoc, we’re committed to making a positive change.

For World Environment Day 2022, we’re sharing a bit more about how our geospatial data services have the potential to make the planet a better place.

“In the universe are billions of galaxies,

In our galaxy are billions of planets,

But there is Only One Earth.”

What Is Geospatial Data and How Do We Use It?

According to IBM, geospatial data is time-based data, related to a specific location on the Earth’s surface. It can provide insights into relationships between variables and reveal patterns and trends in a whole host of contexts.

At Murphy Geospatial, we capture, collate, verify and govern geospatial data, providing those accurate insights to support our clients in their projects across various sectors.

Whether it’s building development, rail expansion or construction-based projects, we can source and translate data which enables our clients to make smarter decisions for the environment and surrounding communities.

Monitoring With Geospatial Data

One of the key services we provide at Murphy Geospatial is structural and environmental monitoring. This process allows us to understand the dynamic nature of our natural and built environment by harnessing the power of communications networks and sensor technology. Not only do we imagine a world where our buildings and critical infrastructure feed real-time performance data into decision support tools – but we deliver it too.

The data we provide helps our clients to better understand the impact of construction, weather, traffic and time on the world around us. By measuring and monitoring these factors, we can provide data which informs more accurate decision making.

The Results?

• Monitoring projects across their complete lifecycle for accurate tracking

• Reducing cost, minimising risk and promoting sustainable practices

As well as enhancing the sustainability efforts of our clients, we’re also committed to decreasing our own impact on the planet. That’s why we’ve assigned a dedicated team to develop a carbon reduction plan with a view to become a net-zero company.

Want to learn more about our geospatial data services and how we can make your project more eco-conscious? Get in touch.