We continually support the property sector through the digital transformation to adopt the latest digital technology, including Building Information Modelling, which is poised to become the framework for future planning, design and building operations and performance analysis. Our trusted services will allow conveyancing and development to proceed with reduced risk, help avoid disputes, and maximise the return on investment.

Property encompasses the built environment. It is the homes we live in; the places we work, shop and socialise; the facilities that provide our essential services. This vast and vibrant sector includes buildings that are hundreds of years old to the latest high-rise steel and glass office blocks; planned new developments to deep retrofits of existing buildings. Due to its size, complexity and never-ending activity, services from many disciplines are required to ensure the sector meets the needs of society. Geospatial services are key to coordinating these varied disciplines throughout the property lifecycle, from design and planning, through to construction, purchase, management and redevelopment.

The purchase of property can be a complex process. Murphy Geospatial offer a range of services to provide certainty around the location and extent of a land parcel and associated buildings. Accurate and up-to-date building surveys can be relied upon during the purchase stage to safeguard your investment. Our data is an independent source of truth which can be used to resolve potential legal issues quickly. We can assist to identify or verify area measurements to determine rental income or set purchase price. In addition, our 3D output can be used for immersive virtual reality for marketing purposes.

During the planning, design and construction phases of new build residential property, our land survey data enables the preparation of accurate base plans. Our subsurface surveys detect the presence of buried infrastructure, helping to avoid costly surprises during the construction phase. As-built surveys validate and verify the building warranty and provides certainty that the development was executed as planned.

The renovation or redevelopment of existing buildings presents a range of challenges not typically met in new builds, particularly in period homes. It is critical to understand the dimensions of the existing building prior to commencing design or construction works. An accurate 3D model reduces risk and maximises the efficiency of the process. Murphy Geospatial are experts in the production of 3D Building Information Models prepared from high-accuracy laser scan data. During construction, monitoring of party walls, basements and chimney flues can help uphold agreements with owners of adjoining property. We can provide advice and monitoring services to reduce the risk of structural issues arising from redevelopment works.

Our society demands the provision of quality homes for all, from private dwellings, large scale residential developments to social housing. Growing populations in urban areas have seen a surge in high–rise residential developments, as well as an increasing trend for the renovations and refurbishments of existing properties. Murphy Geospatial provide a range of RICS accredited services to support the planning, construction and purchase of all residential property types.

Murphy Geospatial offer a range of trusted services to the retail sector, from the local supermarket to multi-national chains; from the high-street to suburban shopping centres. Independently captured area measurement allows investors and property owners realise the true value of their property. We use high precision instruments to accurately determine rental floor areas. High-quality marketing of property portfolios can be supported with digital plans and fully immersive 3D virtual tours of available spaces. Disputes with tenants can be quickly resolved our trusted, reliable measurement data. 

Our building surveys and digital 3D BIM deliverables assist the design and store planning process with accurate interior and exterior models and plans. This verified data can be used by architects, planners, designers and shop fitters as a single source of truth for a retrofit project, reducing risk of clashes, delay and cost overruns. Our data supports digital design processes which allow the design team visualise and understand the impact of positioning of key store features before they are constructed, such as mezzanine levels, lifts and escalators. In this sector, our data has a high re-use value, where banked digital data is used for redesign of future store layouts and fit out. 

Digitisation of retail portfolios enables further economies of scale in facilities management. Budgets for cleaning contracts, maintenance, heating, electricity and logistics contracts can be estimated with more certainty with better understanding of the physical assets. More informed and faster operational decisions assisted with our data can help to mitigate risk and optimise the operational performance of the of retail chain. 

The retail property sector is constantly in flux. Owners, architects and store designers continue to innovate to attract customers and increase store footfall. Whether you’re a property investor, facilities manager, architect, store designer or fitter, Murphy Geospatial provide a comprehensive range of services to meet the unique needs of the retail market. Our clients demand geospatial certainty to optimise the use of these premium spaces. Our people, process and technology ensure that this demand is met in this exciting sector.

Murphy Geospatial have provided trusted services to the commercial property sector for over 35 years. We can assist at all stages in the development lifecycleWhether you’re intending to buy, lease, develop or redevelop an office, industrial premises, or warehouse, it’s critical to ensure you have the latest geospatial data you can trust to safeguard your investment. Our digital capture is the starting point and trusted single source of truth for planning and design of any commercial development. Above and below ground surveys increase the understanding of the development site which reduces risk. 

The purchase of commercial property is a significant investment and is not a decision made without the assistance of trusted, reliable dataMurphy Geospatial offer a range of services to the commercial property sector, including pre-purchase surveys, legal boundary surveys, building condition surveys, and rights of light surveys. High-precision scanning and 3D modelling of the property enables the benefits of digital design processes to be realised. With high re-use potential of accurately captured data, the building model can be used for layout redesign, facilities management and optimisation of building performance. 


The commercial property sector ipredominately made up of office space occupied by the professional services industry and the administrative functions of other businesses. The sector is poised for change. With digital platforms enabling remote workingand health concerns changing the way we work, office space will be adapted to promote collaboration and group thinking while maintaining safety. Murphy Geospatial can promote the effective planning and execution of these adaptations by creating a digital representation of your commercial property asset which can be used to optimise the layout and operational efficiency of the building in line with current and future regulations. 

Using geospatial services to digitally document our heritage buildings helps assist restoration should the structure be damaged. For example the detailed laser scan of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is now an invaluable resource for the planning of its restoration. Restoration experts are located in many different parts of the world. Digital data presented through delivery platforms enables effective decisions to be made about the building or structure remotely with a 3D model of the site.

Non-destructive testing and detection technology help uncover buried, hidden objects or other substantial features without the need to dig up the ground and cause disruption to sensitive sites. This can help provide a visual documentation of the site prior to site works. Structural monitoring can help mitigate the risk of damage due to nearby construction work or during restoration works. Longer term monitoring can help identify structural deviation, erosion or damage over time due to the effects of climate or pollution.

Most heritage building features ornate and intricate details. After restoration work is complete, 3D digital documentation of the building can help to compare to the original models to identify misalignments or missing features. In addition, with uncertainty continuing about the ability to travel and the impact of Covid-19 on the tourism sector, heritage building owners may wish to display interactive models of their buildings online or develop 3D virtual tours of the site for educational and marketing purposes.

Our heritage building stock provides a great benefit to our society. These buildings have a story to tell and are part of our history. It’s little wonder that governments around the world invest in the conservation and restoration of these buildings and often use them to house public services, museums and government departments. To help support the conservation and restoration of historical buildings, monuments and archaeological sites, Murphy Geospatial provide a range of geospatial services to digitally capture, document and monitor heritage areas. These services include 3D laser scanning, UAV/ drone surveying, structural monitoring, and subsurface mapping. Our specialist teams can help to capture the level of detail required in a non-intrusive way, minimising any risk of potential damage to help protect these important historical structures for future generations.

Managing large estates across different locations can be a complex task. Murphy Geospatial recognise the challenges involved in managing large portfolios of residential and commercial properties and offer a range of specialist geospatial survey services to help support estate management. From facilities management and redevelopment, to acquisition and construction, we can provide the trusted digital data needed to make more effective and efficient decisions about your portfolio and de-risk your investment.       

A complete 3D digital representation or model of portfolio assists asset owners in their decision process remotely, often reducing the need to traveto site. Digital platforms enable easy access to data to manage and protect your investment. It also enables the leveraging of powerful software to accurately calculate energy consumption, plan maintenance, optimise facilities management and estimate rental income. 

Estates are established to manage large portfolios of property and to safeguard the future of our heritage buildings for the benefit of our wider society. For real estate investment trusts or heritage trusts, economies of scale can be achieved by the nature of the sheer amount of assets managed by one entity. Murphy Geospatial can assist in achieving these economies of scale through the capture, verification and management of geospatial data We can digitise the physical aspects of estate portfolios helping asset owners leverage the benefits of digital processes at scale.

Hotels and leisure facilities seek to optimise building performance while maintaining a high level of quality for their customers. Where expansion is planned, this is generally designed to be sympathetic to the existing building layout and design. In addition, most owners will seek to maintain operations throughout the expansion or during a renovation. Murphy Geospatial ensures the highest level of service and attention to detail to ensure these criteria are both achievable and optimised.  

Our digital delivery at the very first stages of the planning and design process serves as a trusted single source of truth for the project. Our floor plans can be relied on to proceed with a redesign with confidence. Our building information modelling enables the adoption of digital portfolio management, building facilities management and performance analysis. High-precision surveys of heritage building facades or other features enable restoration work to proceed with certainty. 

For outdoor leisure facilities such as golf courses, racing tracks and playing pitches, level is key. Murphy Geospatial accurately map the topography of these assets to ensure the facility meets the sporting requirements and that adequate drainage can be planned and integrated, ensuring the facility is operational for the maximum possible time. 

In the hotel and leisure property market, quality and efficiency are key. Your customers and patrons demand the highest quality for their paid experience. Murphy Geospatial can assist you to meet this expectation. Our trusted services help to optimise the building, expansion and management of hotel and leisure facilities, such as golf courses, stadiums, restaurants, and gymnasiums.

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