Natural Environment

Our natural environment encompasses the diverse ecological systems that sustain life on Earth. We rely on these systems to hydrate and drain our land, supply our water, grow our food, provide renewable energy and protect us from extremes of climate. Understanding our natural environment enables us to predict its behaviour, allowing us to optimise food and energy production and limit the impacts of flooding and coastal erosion. Verified geospatial data is key to improving our understanding of these complex systems for the wider benefit of society. The data we capture can be used to guide us into living more sustainably into the future.

Land surveying

Our rivers and lakes are constantly changing and adapting as a result of natural and manmade influences. Murphy Geospatial work closely with government, local councils and environmental agenciesproviding data to help understand the impact of these changes and mitigate against potentially damaging effects of seasonal changes, land instability, flooding and erosion. The data we capture is used to predict flooding, plan flood defence measures, analyse the capacity of our reservoirs, and plan river dredging to optimise flows and prevent flooding. 

Natural environment survey services

Similar to our rivers and lakes, our coasts are in constant flux. Beaches, cliffs, estuaries, ports and near-shore banks offer a unique and challenging environment in which to capture data. Murphy Geospatial employ a diverse team specialising in a range of services to accurately capture the data needed to understand and predict the behaviour of these coastal features. Our data is used to model and monitor shipping channels, coastal erosion, predict flooding in inter-tidal zones, measure and predict longshore drift, and design of coastal defence structures.

Natural environment survey services

Our arable land provides us with the food we need to sustain our way of life. Our forests act as the Earth’s filtering mechanism, cleaning the air and providing us with sustainable construction materials. Working with forestry agencies, agriculture agencies, local authorities and private landowners, Murphy Geospatial provide various services to understand the land around us so that it can be optimised and protected. Leveraging the power and efficiency of aerial surveys, we can now capture accurate data on a larger scale than ever before. Our data is used to determine the topography of land to plan effective drainage, plan forestry plantations, rewilding of peatlands and to provide certainty around land ownership. 

Natural environment survey services

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