Industrial & Manufacturing

Murphy Geospatial recognise the logistical challenges posed by large-scale facilities with confined space, complex machinery, hot/cold pipes, hazardous liquids, cleanroom classifications and stringent controls on temperature, particles and vapours. Our teams have extensive experience and training working in these environments to the highest standards. Our innovative approach and use of technology ensure we can always deliver geospatial certainty no matter how complex the environment. 

Due to the health and safety risks, security concerns and logistical challenges of access to many industrial facilities, it is important to ensure data is captured correctly on the first attempt with no need for revisits. Murphy Geospatial employ mass capture technology and innovative mobile solutions to ensure that the maximum amount of data is captured and banked for processing when required.  

Our validated processed data is hosted on accessible digital platforms to enable remote access by multiple stakeholders so that design, monitoring and operations can proceed without the need for costly and risky site visits. For construction projects, we use near real-time updating to verify construction is within tolerance of design intent, enabling the early identification of non-conformances and reducing the cost of rectificationOur data enables the accurate mapping of complex pipe systems, reducing the risk of errors during design, rerouting and installation.  

As the digital transformation transcends all sectors, the operational efficiency of an industrial facility can be optimised through the use of real-time sensory data, telemetry and SCADA systems. A geospatially accurate BIM model is an ideal framework for visualisation of this data so that better informed planning and operational decisions can be made quicker. 

The industrial sector demands certainty in all its processes. From cleantech to pharmaceutical, oil and gas to food and dairy, the construction and fit-out tolerances required means there is no room for error. Murphy Geospatial are a trusted partner on these complex development projects where time is critical and data needs to be captured accurately, efficiently and safely. 

Industrial survey services
  • Pharmaceutical
  • ICT & Medical Devices
  • Cleanroom & Cleantech
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Renewable Energy
  • Nuclear
  • Oil and Gas (onshore & offshore)
  • Food & Dairy
  • Equine & Agriculture
  • Data Centres
  • Quarry and Mining
Industrial & Manufacturing - Murphy Geospatial

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